Proficiency in English Program

A teacher for over twenty years, I live in Edmonds with my husband, Vaughn Sherman.  Together we have eight children and nine grandchildren.  I retired in July, 2006 after teaching for twenty years in the Seattle Public School District, with eighteen of those years at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School.  While at King I taught every grade from kindergarten through fourth, with a fondness for first and third grades.  I believe ALL children can learn and have the potential to have wonderful and fulfilling lives.  It was therefore important to me that I make that happen by filling every day with exciting and meaningful learning.  I try to continue that philosophy now as a substitute teacher.        

For seven years between my first and second marriages I was a single parent and had many of the problems financially and emotionally that most single parents have.  These experiences helped me grow stronger and very determined to help others who are in similar need.  Because my own children suffered as children of divorce I am very sensitive to the emotional needs of children and will always treat any child with caring and respect.  I am also sensitive to the needs of parents and do what I can to ease their worries about their children’s academic and social progress.

Vaughn and I started a foundation several years ago called the Martin Luther King School Dream Foundation.  This foundation is aimed at helping children go beyond high school and to get training in a technical, community college or four-year  school so that they can achieve greater success in life.  The foundation gives post secondary scholarships to children who have attended MLK for at least two years and have successfully submitted an application. Grades are not as important as an essay that the students write.  Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the students must have a dream for themselves and/or the world, and be able to express that dream in their application essay. The foundation continues even through the school has closed. To learn more about the foundation, check out the website,