Proficiency in English Program

Groups of students who misbehave in public can be a distracting and embarrassing when, in fact, they simply don’t understand what acceptable behavior is.  Good behavior and the expectation of that behavior can and should be taught. There is a very specific way to teach students how to behave at assemblies and in public. They learn how to correctly enter and exit the multipurpose room and to go up on or leave the stage when performing. They learn what appropriate audience behavior looks like, such as sitting quietly, keeping their hands and feet to themselves.  They learn how to use the microphone, and older students learn how to be emcees for events. They are taught the difference between expressing appreciation at a fine arts theater versus at a sporting event.  Students who have been taught correct assembly behavior carry that behavior into other areas such as field trips to community or in-house performances.  They can also be instructed as a group in what will be happening at events such as Career Day or an Oratorical Contest.  Assemblies are a great way for students to perform in front of their peers.  They may be trying out a poem as an individual or a group while getting ready for something like a Black history celebration.  It is absolutely true that parents who rarely visit school will come if their children are in a performance.  This is a good time to meet them and encourage them to participate in other ways such as joining the PTA.   Monthly assemblies accomplish the following tasks:

•    Teach appropriate assembly and other large group etiquette
•    Provide a venue for large group instruction
•    Showcase student talent
•    Encourage parent involvement