Proficiency in English Program

Using the seven intelligences (multiple intelligences) is now widely accepted as a “best practices” way of teaching. The seven are:

•    Linguistic – word intelligence
•    Logical-mathematical – number intelligence
•    Spatial – artistic intelligence
•    Bodily-Kinesthetic – physical intelligence
•    Musical – musical intelligence
•    Interpersonal – social intelligence
•    Intrapersonal – Learn by myself intelligence    
•    An eighth intelligence – naturalist – is seen as experience in the natural

We all have these capabilities within us, but some are more dominant than others.  Because we learn via different strengths, the best lessons are those which incorporate as many of the intelligences as possible. A possible lesson plan on studying the country of Ghana might include:

•    Linguistic – Reading about the country and people, both non-fiction and
•    Logical-Mathematical –  Graphing the exports of the country  and map

•    Spatial – Making a mask based on those made by the Ashanti tribe
•    Bodily-Kinesthetic -  Doing an African dance
•    Musical – Making a drum and drumming to the dance
•    Interpersonal – Working together to make a feast
•    Intrapersonal -  Reflecting and writing a paragraph about what you