Proficiency in English Program

Watch their self esteem grow as you teach your students how to stand and deliver a poem, fable or individual work in front of the entire student body. I and others trained in  PEP (Proficiency in English Program) will teach your Oratorical Contest Team how to put on a successful oratorical contest step-by-step.  Your teachers and team will learn how to..

•    divide the contest into poetry, fables and individual work on grade

•    provide challenging poetry and fables to students for memorization
•    encourage all students to write their own selections for presentation.
•    put on a pre-contest assembly so everyone will know what will to expect.
•    have classroom tryouts to ascertain finalists for the contest
•    choose and invite three judges to judge the categories.
•    choose non-classroom faculty members to be assistants.
•    award trophies and ribbons to the winners.
•    provide certificates for all participants.
•    write thank you letters to judges after the contest.