Proficiency in English Program

Parties With A Purpose is a great form of entertainment for children when having a birthday or “coming of age” party – l3th birthday, l6th birthday, etc.

Parents select a theme for the party, either with their child’s input or as a surprise and turn the entire event over to the planning team.  Children may come in costume.  A story would be told to set the theme, with activities and refreshments to follow.  The price of the party would  depend on length and level of planning for the party.  The following is a list of parties.  Special request themes may be considered:
        African Adventure  Party
        Carnival Party
        Cinco de Mayo and Pinata Party
        Dinosaur Dig Party
        Favorite Princess Party (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.)
        Gourmet Cooking Adventure
        Karaoke Party
        My Little Pony or Pet Party
        Miss Manners Modeling and Makeup (13th Birthday Party)
             (Each girl would be  photographed with makeup for beginning portfolio)
        Mixed Up Menu Party
        Mummies and More about Ancient Egypt Party
        Oui, Oui, Monsieur – A Paris Adventure
        Pirates of the Caribbean Party with Treasure Hunt
        Sponge Bob Beach Party with wienie roast and s’mores
        Super Hero Party    
        Teddy Bear Tea Party        
        Thomas Train Party