Proficiency in English Program

Children as young as kindergarten can learn techniques that allow them to speak successfully in front of an audience.  They like the idea of acting grown up, and I have found that “show and tell” time is a great venue for public speaking. The following will be taught and all children will know and use the terms below:

•    Eye contact
•    Voice Projection
•    Posture
•    Content
•    Program Direction
•    Social amenities of public speaking
The students will learn how to emcee a program. They will learn that emcee means mistress or master of ceremonies. The emcees will learn how to introduce and express thanks to speakers. Phrases such as give him/her a warm welcome, give him/her a round of applause, give him/her a big hand  will be used when introducing speakers.  Speakers will learn how to deliver a presentation, and ask for questions and comments.  The audience members will learn how to listen attentively and learn the kinds of questions and comments to make. All will learn and practice social amenities, such as please, thank you, etc.  If a microphone is available they will be taught how to use and be comfortable with it.  Personally I invested in a karaoke machine so that the children could practice with a microphone.  It is particularly useful when children with soft voices are speaking.